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Actually, you can gain weight taking prednisone. Taking steroids causes the body to retain sodium lose potassium says Tresca. How to lose weight while taking steroids.
The weight gain is caused by how it plays with your potassium and sugar levels. This means you can store more fat fluid which will not come off easily at all while taking more than 10 mg daily. How to avoid weight gain and puffy cheeks on prednisone Follow. She told me that it took her approximately 6 months to lose the weight three- four weeks to completely lose.

So before we talk about how much and how weight can be [. To avoid fluid retention it is advisable to reduce the amount of sodium in the diet p 02 · Excessive weight gain is a common phenomenon from which many people today suffer. Prednisone weight gain is multifactorial with the typical contributors being fluid retention, an increase in calorie consumption a decrease in physical activity.

This potentially causes retention of fluids which leads to weight gain bloating. My moms cousin was also on prednisone for breast cancer. This combination can result in fluid retention, weight. I stayed at the same weight while my prednisone was being lowered.

A lot of us on another forum have avoided weight gain and even lost weight while on long term pred ( we' re talking years on pred here) by cutting carbs drastically. Pred changes the way your body processes carbs and also causes your liver to release random spikes of glucose into. Answer: Prednisone causes the body to retain sodium ( salt) and lose potassium. Personally friends did.

But how much they gain largely depends upon the type of steroids they take the duration for which they take , of course their diet their body’ s own metabolism.
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How to Lose Weight While Taking Steroids Step 1. Because steroids will make you hungry,.
Eat a healthy diet.

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Your diet while on steroids should be a reduced- calorie diet. Limit the amount of sugar you eat. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Mar 13, · How to Lose the Gain.

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The good news is that the side effect of weight gain tends to reverse when the dosage of prednisone is taken below 10 mg/ day. The fluid retention and increased appetite will also decrease as the prednisone is tapered down and discontinued. Prednisone is the generic name for a drug prescribed to treat and prevent inflammation. Among the side effects of prednisone, rapid weight gain is very common. When taking prednisone, it is important to lose the gained weight in a safe, healthy manner by making some basic lifestyle changes.

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Jan 25, · Although I discovered that Prednisone complicates control of blood glucose levels, I also discovered that, with care, weight gain can be controlled while on Prednisone. Patient encouragement from Suzy and Alison saw me gradually taking control of my own v 28, · Losing weight gained from steroids. If you decide to ask for a water pill see if you need one that is a potassium sparing pill.

So if you take a water pill make sure your doctor is monitoring your potassium levels. Also once again as dumb and repedtive as.