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Generalized weakness ; weight loss. They may include signs and symptoms such as: Fatigue; Weight loss; Frequent infections; Easy bleeding; Jaundice; Anemia. Unexplained weight loss. With abnormal white cells that can invade the spleen and increase its.

Weight loss in addition to swollen lymph nodes , fever , pain an. Your spleen is an organ located just below your left rib cage. Weight loss left hypochondriac discomfort pain from splenomegaly. Eating a lot of high- fat foods the resulting excess weight gain have.

Some of the symptoms of Spleen Qi deficiency are: lack of appetite listless, feeling cold, fatigue, breathlessness, looking pale excessive weight gain. It' s often discovered during a routine physical exam. An enlarged spleen usually doesn' t cause symptoms. Swollen spleen Weight gain , Abdominal symptoms ( 21 causes) Swollen spleen , Body symptoms ( 22 causes) Swollen spleen , Enlarged liver ( 21 causes) Swollen spleen , Weight gain: 1463 causes; Swollen spleen: 1187 causes; Swollen spleen: Introduction; Weight gain: 298 causes; Weight gain: Introduction; Swollen spleen , Weight gain , Weight gain , Weight gain Head symptoms ( 21 causes).
Many conditions — including infections liver disease , some cancers — can cause an enlarged spleen also known as splenomegaly ( spleh- no- MEG- uh- lee). With adequate Qi blood , normal function of Spleen- Stomach brain activities. You can track your weight by writing down how much you weigh over time. The most common symptoms of spleen cancer are: enlarged spleen, which may become twice as large as normal.

Fever shortness of breath, weight loss, easy bruising, nausea . Unfortunately symptoms only develop after the tumor is large enough to cause trouble to other organs such as the kidneys , for many people spleen. Namely that there is an imbalance in the energy system of the Spleen Stomach.
Diseases and conditions that can cause an enlarged spleen are varied. Spleen symptoms weight gain. Spleen symptoms weight gain. The most common but still nonspecific symptoms of an enlarged spleen. In a healthy person the normal weight size of the spleen can vary. From: Enlarged Spleen: Causes,. Hence, the underlying cause for excessive weight gain is due to such a.

Symptoms include an enlarged spleen and pain in the abdomen. The Stomach ( according to Traditional Chinese Medicine).
However for adrenal cancer one indication that you should look out for is weight gain. Fever weakness , bruising easily , fatigue, night sweats weight loss.
Splenomegaly does not have any specific symptoms. It' s important to get routine check- ups to detect early symptoms. The spleen was palpable 6 cm below the costal margin was firm .

Asthenia and loss of weight might also be due to hypofunction of thyroid. Pain in the abdomen, usually in the upper left corner.

The spleen helps control the amount of blood in the body destroying old . Weight gain may be gradual or severe.

Enlarged spleen ( splenomegaly) symptoms may include pain in the.

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Swollen spleen OR Weight gain: 1463 causes; Swollen spleen: 1187 causes; Swollen spleen: Introduction; Weight gain: 298 causes; Weight gain: Introduction; Swollen spleen and Weight gain and Body symptoms ( 22 causes) Swollen spleen and Weight gain and Abdominal symptoms ( 21 causes) Swollen spleen and Weight gain and Enlarged liver ( 21 causes) Swollen spleen and Weight gain and Head symptoms ( 21 causes). Enlarged spleen symptoms can include: indigestion or feeling uncomfortable when eating, especially after a large meal.

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spleen pain and tenderness, usually on the upper left side of the abdomen. pain that has spread from the abdomen to the left shoulder.

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spleen pain when taking deep breaths or. List of 21 causes of Swollen spleen and Weight gain and Weight symptoms, alternative diagnoses, rare causes, misdiagnoses, patient stories, and much more.

The Spleen dominates digestion and helps with bowel movements.

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If Spleen is weaker or in disorder, our body will retain more fluids and the following symptoms can occur: Oedema, especially on the arms, legs and abdominal area and puffy face. Gaining weight easily or difficulty in losing weight. cellulite, sagging, Feeling of heaviness in the w I still have the enlarged spleen and was told it' s pushing on my rib cage so off to an Endroconoligist to get tested for Cushings Syndrome due to weight gain, round face, tiredness, redness in face, irregular menstrual cycles and the inability to get pregnant for a second time after 5 years of trying.

New symptoms started appearing everything smelling bad, dizziness, Migrains ( on one side of the head at a time starting from the back of the head crawling up to behind the eye), inability to hold bladder, nausea, felt like I was swallowing a rock everytime I swallowed, excessive weight gain, pain under my rib cage left side, inablitiy to.