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Can i lose weight on yasmin. I' m not on Yaz, but I haven' t had an issues with my birth control.

I have had a weight problem all my life lost over 130 pounds, because I ahve other issues weight- wise , had gastric bypass in , so have not noticed weight as an issue for me it would be hard to know if Yasmin was affecting my weight. A second important study was conducted by researchers at Oregon Health Science University in Portland USA.
Can i lose weight on yasmin. Some people have noticed that Yasmin ethinyl estradiol leads to weight loss, but Stanford says this seems only to be due to a diureticlike effect— meaning, women are just peeing more while on it not losing actual body fat. The results from this study also support the idea that there is no s makers claim the pill can also improve skin , called Yasmin relieve premenstrual syndrome. I stopped taking it six months ago.
Here' s the Real Deal With Birth Control and Your Weight. Experienced hair loss tons of acne both facial , greasy skin , body hair.
May 05 · A question about Yasmin weight gain. Jun 22 · Yasmin does not list weight loss weight gain as one of its potential side effects. I know when I have a period I can gain up to 10 pounds of water weight when that happens.

I have been working out more then ever before in my life and trying to watch what I eat but can not stop gaining weight. What it does list is a possible change in weight or change in appetite as potential side effects.

If the case is such that your weight range is still within a normal BMI range, then it is probably nothing to worry about. Does the Pill cause you to lose weight? The Pill and weight.

I was on it for 3 months the hormone levels were so high that i had migraines almost every day. I told my doctor that my previous pill made me put on weight and she put me on Yasmin because that was the major selling point with it- that it helped make you lose weight. It should go down in a couple months though. But different people will have different experiences.
The only birth control I' ve heard of a lot of women complaining about in regards to weight gain is the Depo shot. Anyone GAINED weight on Yasmin? One medical study has found that women taking Yasmin have in fact lost weight within the first.
No mood swings no weight gain, no depression the clearest skin ever. By Guest | 23 posts,. I am even on prescription diet pills have not lost as much weight as I should s for Yasmin. Yasmin does not list weight loss or weight gain as one of its potential side effects. The Pill should not cause any long- term weight change either weight gain weight loss. Mar 31 · From my understanding most weight gain/ difficulty losing associated with birth control is mainly water retention.

I was on it for 3 months · Help, the hormone levels were so high that i had migraines almost every p 13 I can' t lose weight on Yasmin Birth Control I think Yasmin is the contributing factor to my not being able to lose weight. A side effect of yasmin is that you may notice you lose weight a little bit. I know it is from the Yasmin, so now I am looking into getting on paragard- a no hormone IUD which will not cause any weight gain bc it does not carry. It' s been six months these are starting to subside but periods are irregular again.

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How can the answer be improved? Yasmin, just like any other pill may cause weight gain in some women because taking estrogen usually increases weight but Yasmin also has a good property, one of its ingredients drospirenone is a mild diuretic and it prevents bloating and fluid retention that usually happens with other contraceptive pills. How to Lose Weight on Yasmin.
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The pharmaceutical company does not list weight gain as a possible side effect of Yasmin on the contraceptive pill' s Web site. The website Drugs, however, does list changes in weight or appetite as a possible side effect.
The Mayo Clinic states that if birth control pills do cause weight gain, the effect is mild. Feb 24, · A side effect of yasmin is that you may notice you lose weight a little bit.

However, because yasmin is a diuretic, you lose water weight instead of actual body fat.

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And its minimal, maybe only a pound or two. Aug 27, · Anyone GAINED weight on Yasmin?

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Yasmin should promote some ( a little) weight loss due to the diuretic in it. I find that to be the case personally, and so long as I' m eating halfway healthily, I have not found weight gain ( or even weight loss) to be a problem.