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An Indian diet plan for pregnancy would include a set of dishes food sources that ensure that the nutrients , extra calories needed for a healthy child mother are present in the right balance. Limit fried foods in your diet. Which was the main reason I created this Pregnancy Diet Plan which I followed myself gained 20 lbs with each pregnancy had 2 gorgeous healthy babies. Support good health during pregnancy by eating a variety of foods.

Diet plan during pregnancy pdf. For the little one, the very first menu has a lifelong effect!

Follow our 7- day meal plan for a healthy pregnancy and happy. Breastfed children are less likely to get • Gastroenteritis and other tummy upsets. At no other time in life is nutrition as important as before during following pregnancy.

As your pregnancy progresses, you' ll need to eat a little more because your nutrition needs change during the different stages of pregnancy. Do make sure that there are no large gaps between meals. Using the food pyramid to plan healthy meals.

Oils and fats give you important nutrients. Second trimester PDF so useful meal planning trimester by trimester.

On the other hand women can still eat foods that come in a box a. Eating well during your pregnancy is essential it' s not as hard as you think. The secret is to include nutrient- dense foods that give you double the nutrient value, not double the calories. Opt for the whole- wheat option whenever you can.
Limit high- fat foods simple carbohydrates ( soda, fruit juice, syrup, sugar candy) to prevent excess weight gain. Doctors don' t educate us enough on the importance of nutrition during pregnancy how much of WHAT YOU EAT affects not just your WEIGHT GAIN but your BABY. Nutrients that need special attention during pregnancy.

Use the plate model below, ( based on a 9 inch plate) to help plan a balanced meal. Weight gain should be recorded on a chart that shows weight gain by. The following nutrients are particularly important: folic acid iron , vitamin D, vitamin C, calcium , omega- 3 omega- 6 fatty acids.

Folic acid is an important vitamin for a healthy pregnancy. FOOD GROUPS DURING PREGNANCY Eat a well- balanced diet that includes a variety of foods. Eat lots of veggies steer clear of sugar , fruit refined foods. Each food group has many important vitamins other nutrients to support your baby’ s growth , minerals development.

Instead shoot for an average that' s in the desired range over the course of a week so. A mother should follow a healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy to gain the correct amount of. Second trimester PDF.

Indian Diet Plan for a Healthy Pregnancy Pre- Breakfast Snacks – Around 7 AM. How- ever too much saturated fat , trans fat can lead to health problems includ- ing heart disease. Diet plan during pregnancy pdf.

Look no further than our. Weight gain during pregnancy is important for the development growth of your baby, blood supply, amniotic fluid, placenta, breasts, uterus fat stores.

Once you' ve created your daily food plan, don' t try to hit exact numbers in each category. Wondering what to eat for a healthy pregnancy? It' s not hard to plan healthy meals while you are pregnant the. This diet is designed to provide the increased nutrients during pregnancy that are.
Fats should make up about 20– 35% of your total food intake— that’ s about 6 tablespoons per day. Been eating a healthy diet pregnancy is a great time to change old habits develop.

A healthy varied diet is important for you and your baby. Look no further than our trimester- by- trimester meal planners, full of delicious food.

During pregnancy help build many fetal organs , the fats you eat provide energy the placenta. Why healthy eating is important. ALSO SEE: Here’ s how much weight you should be gaining during pregnancy.

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Limit fried foods in your diet. Try to bake or broil your foods more often.

Moderate fat intake during pregnancy is ideal. Do not follow a very low fat diet.

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If you have questions about the fat in your diet, talk to your dietitian or nurse. 1 serving or 5 grams of fat equals: • 1 teaspoon oil ( vegetable, corn, canola, olive, etc.

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NUTRITIONAL ADEQUACY: This diet is designed to provide adequate amounts of calories, protein, vitamins, miner- als and other nutrients to meet the nutritional needs of a pregnant woman. PREGNANCY NUTRITION DIET ( Sheet 2 of 4).

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Most women gain 11. 5kg ( 25 to 28 pounds) during pregnancy. Pregnant women gain weight at different rates, so don’ t worry if you get bigger sooner than your pregnant friends.

Breastfeeding can help you get your figure back after your baby is born.